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Hour 1: Thursday, October 26th - 9:00 - 10:00am
Opening Session #101 - CRE Finance: The Art of the Deal
  • What makes a sponsor a good borrower?
  • What property types are in or out of favor?
  • What geographic markets are lenders most concerned about?
  • Loan to value or debt yield?
​Moderator: Chris Albano, Managing Director - Citi
Austin Nowlin, Managing Director and Head of Capital Markets for the Americas
      - Starwood Capital Group
Chance Monroe, Managing Director - Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
Timothy M. McGinnis, CFA, Managing Director - New York Life Real Estate Investors
Charles Foschini, Senior Managing Director - Berkadia
Hour 2: Thursday, October 26th - 10:45 - 11:45am
Session #201 - Construction Financing
  • How are raising interest rates affecting construction lending?
  • Has the Trump administration made construction lending easier for banks?
  • Who is filling the lending gap between banks and equity investors?
  • What you need to know regarding construction lending for multi-family projects today
  • What markets do lenders like? Which markets are lenders avoiding?
  • What is harder to finance - Apartments or Hotels?
  • Where are private construction lenders active?  
Moderator: Ralph N. Cram, President - Envoy Net Lease Partners
​​Dan Hartman, Managing Director - Terra Capital Partners
Ari J. Hirt, Managing Director, Debt & Equity Finance Group - Mission Capital Advisors, LLC
Michael Mostoff, Senior Managing Director, Loan Production - Castellan Capital
Steven Cohen, Executive Vice President - IBERIABANK
Session #202 - The Next Big Investment Opportunity for the Capital Markets: Innovative Independent Luxury Hotel Brands with a Focus on Concept, Design and Expansion into Emerging Markets​
  • Who are the hoteliers, developers and designers behind the latest independent lifestyle hospitality residential projects?
  • Acquisitions/Development: Innovative independent owners and investors leading the charge in development and acquisition in emerging markets.
  • Redefining the Lifestyle market segment to generate greater returns for financial partners and investors.
Moderator: Trica Jean-Baptiste, Founder - Morgensheer Hospitality Inc.
Marjorie Feltus Hawkins, President - FH Design
Beth Clifford, Owner/Developer/CEO - Mahogany Bay Village
Hour 3: Thursday, October 26th - 12:00 - 1:00pm
Session #301 - Looking to Raise Capital in Real Estate Offerings? New Reforms & Opportunities in Technology Driven Finance​
  • Recent regulatory reforms provide real estate sponsors and finance professionals with efficient access to capital. Discussion of how the JOBS Act and other legislative reforms have changed the way real estate sponsors raise capital to finance existing and new real estate projects 
  • Funding platforms have emerged as a reliable source of debt and equity financing. Discussion of how funding platforms operate, the underwriting process and crowd-direct offerings. Learn how to choose the right platform or use FinTech to turn your corporate website into a source of funding      
  • Regulation A+ (Mini-IPO) and the eREIT model is emerging as an efficient way to raise up to $50 million dollars from both accredited and non-accredited investors. Discussion of the benefits, costs and process of launching your own eREIT or investing in existing offerings. 
  • EB5 & Foreign Real Estate Investors - Discussion of developments and opportunities to raise capital from foreign investors and the state of the EB5 program. Panel members will also discuss how FinTech can be used to accept international investors in a efficient and compliant process.
Moderator: George S. Georgiades, Attorney/Founding Partner - Georgiades & Associates
Scott M. Andersen, Principal - Andersen P.C. |

Session #302 - Impact of Big Data on Real Estate Markets
  • How big data is changing the way we do business            
  • How big data is revolutionizing marketing in real estate finance 
  • Trends in commercial real estate lending             
  • How big data is making the commercial real estate industry more transparent
Moderator: Michael L. Miller, MAI, Executive Managing Director - Enriched Data
Timothy S. Koltermann, Chief Executive Officer - Enriched Data
Troy Muise, Chief Executive Officer - Salesboom Inc.
Barry J. Cunningham, PhD, MAI, Chief Executive Officer - Clarus Global Alliance
Hour 4: Thursday, October 26th - 2:30 - 3:30pm
Session #401 - Market Sectors and Strategies for the Next Leg of the Real Estate Cycle
  • Why property types/markets pose the biggest risks at this stage in the cycle?  
  • What property types/markets present the best opportunities at this stage in the cycle?              
  • How is this cycle different from the last one leading up to the Great Recession?               
  • Where do we go from here? What do the next 12 - 24 - 36 months look like?
Moderator: David Moret, President/Founder - Highline Real Estate Capital
Robert Kaplan, Executive Managing Director - Cushman & Wakefield
Danny Finkle, Senior Managing Director - HFF
Michael Phillips, Managing Principal - Lubert-Adler
Hour 5: Thursday, October 26th - 3:45 - 4:45pm
Session #501 - How to Find the Appropriate Private Equity Provider
  • Who are the private equity providers?        
  • The pros and cons of private equity (vs. institutional equity)
  • What should a sponsor do to increase the probability of attracting private equity
  • Senior lender/banks approach to private equity
Moderator: Gus Katsadouros, Managing Partner - Osprey Capital
Carl Roeder, Senior Vice President - Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T)
Noah Miller, Vice President of Acquisitions & Finance - Pensam Residential
Ronald C. Muzii, Jr., Managing Director - Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC
Session #502 - Financing Multifamily: Where are the Deals, How are they Structured?
  • Green is good, pricing is better
  • How can we do more affordable business? Is there a solution to work force and affordable housing crisis?
  • Does anyone have a bridge product? How much balance sheet do you have?
  • Would you like a Mezz loan with that? Are the agencies back with Mezz loans?
Moderator: Vic Clark, Senior Managing Director - Hunt Mortgage Group
Jay S. Jacobson, President & Chief Executive Officer - EDEN Multifamily
Marc Suarez, Director - Hunt Mortgage Group
J.C. de Ona, Senior Vice President - Stonegate Bank

Hour 6: Friday, October 27th - 9:00 - 10:00am
Session #601 - What is the Best Execution for Small Balance Loans from $1M-$10M?
  • What types of loan executions are available in the space?
  • How is your company using technology to improve the lending experience?
  • What markets will you lend in?  (Will you lend in tertiary markets)?
  • Has your underwriting changed in this stage of the market?
  • Interest rate forecast for 2017 and beyond?
Moderator: Keith T. Van Arsdale, President & Chief Executive Officer - BMC Capital
Charlie Zabriskie, Managing Director, Originations - Trevian Capital
Charles Krawitz, Vice President, Head of Commercial Lending - Alliant Credit Union
Gary Bechtel, President - Money360
Rick Wolf, Agency Production Manager-West Coast/Fannie Mae/Small Loans/Orig/Sales - Greystone Servicing Co., Inc.

Session #602 - How to Fund and Finance Your Real Estate Deals and Chasing Retail Credit 
  • How to obtain access to money for development, redevelopment or repositioning projects.
  • What type of retail are lenders lending on today - corporate vs franchisee credit.
  • What criteria do lenders require to lend on single tenant and larger development projects?
  • What is happening with interest rates and cap rates in the next six months.   
Moderator: Greg Schecher, Regional Director - Money360
Maruta "Marti" S. Mang, Senior Vice President - TotalBank
Melissa Rose, Managing Director - Ackman-Ziff
Hour 7: Friday, October 27th - 10:15 - 11:15am
Session #701 - Family Offices Investing in Real Estate - What They are Looking For
  • Structures          
  • Sizes     
  • Relationship      
  • Asset Classes
Moderator: Michael Felman, President - MSF Capital Advisors​
Bradley W. Colmer, Esq., Managing Principal - Deco Capital Group, LLC

Session #702 - An Overview of the Bridge Lending Market
  • Overview of state of the Bridge Lending market facts and trends
  • Type of bridge loans available in the market today including discussion of first mortgages, second mortgages, mezzanine loans and preferred equity
  • Types of properties lenders are financing and the structure of those loans (LTV, Rates, term & fees, Etc.)
  • Comparison and contrast differences of the various lenders in the market today
Moderator: David M. Heiden, Managing Partner - W Financial Fund
Sorabh Masheshwari, Founding Partner - Churchill Credit Holdings LLC
Alex Horn, Managing Partner - BridgeInvest
Hour 8: Friday, October 27th - 11:30am - 12:30pm
Session #801 - The 2027 Real Estate Market – Projections and Prognostications on what the Real Estate Market Will Look Like 10 Years From Now and The Impact on Key Decisions Being Made Today
  • What will be the common trends and themes in the commercial real estate market in 2027 for real estate products and asset classes (e.g. will micro-units still be the rage in multifamily development? Will retail be dead, having been eaten alive by mobile and e-commerce?  Will the office market have shrunk due to technology, globalization and changes in how people work?   
  • What key market, technological and demographic changes are likely to impact the commercial real estate market in 2027 (e.g. will population moves to cities render the suburbs obsolete? Will autonomous vehicles eliminate the need for large parking fields and garages and lead to denser, infill-oriented development?  Will the burgeoning senior population be flocking to IL/AL facilities or be aging in place at home?      
  • What things do today’s real estate investors and developers – those  buying, financing and/or developing a project in 2017 for a 10 year period – do to prepare for what the real estate market may look like in 2027 when it comes time to sell or refinance?             
  • The 10 Year Lending Cycle – what safeguards and decisions are Lenders taking and making today in 2017 to prepare for changes in the real estate market, potential interest rate conditions etc. when these loans mature in 2027?
Moderator: Jason Miller, Chief Investment Officer - Grand/Sakwa Properties
Seth Denison, Esq., Managing Director - Hart Advisors Group, L.L.C.
Marc S. Shuster, Esq., Partner & Co-Team Manager of the Business Finance & Tax Team - Berger Singerman LLP
Javier Herrera, Vice President - BridgeInvest


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